Coffee for some of us is more than just a caffeinated drink. It has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. For those of us who have discovered the joy of brewing our own coffee, here is a list of things that only coffee brewers would understand.

1. You’d Rather Be Late for Work Than Skip Your Morning Brew

Coffee Brewers baby wants to brew

There is nothing like a cup of freshly brewed coffee to start your day. You’d rather cook up some excuses to tell your boss rather than skip your morning brew. After all, you are being late for their own good. Nobody wants to face your un-caffeinated wrath.

2. Running Out of Coffee is Your BIGGEST Nightmare

Meme- coffee brewers ran out of coffee beans

Don’t you just hate those mornings when you realized that you forgot to top up your coffee beans? Sure, you can grab a cuppa on your way to work, but you know your day would never be the same.

3. Coffee Brewers Do Not Simply Trust Any Barista

meme- italian coffee is not grown in italy

It is not easy for a barista to gain your trust. You observe how they take your order, you check their brewing techniques and you might even drop a few coffee questions just to test their knowledge. Well, if you are paying for a cup of coffee that cost more than a quarter of your monthly coffee budget, they’d better be brewing liquid gold. On the other hand, if you ever chance upon a real deal barista, you would probably worship them like a superstar.

4. Friends and Family are Served with Coffee and Only Coffee

meme - so would you prefer to have coffee, coffee or coffee?

Any visitors to your house would know that the only drink that you will serve is coffee. They can have a choice of hot or cold, milk or black coffee but only coffee. They want tea? What’s that?

5. Your Parents Are Not Impressed with Your Pour-overs

gif- guy not impressed with your pour-overs

Yeah, you can try and brew a perfect cup of Panama Gesha and they will still say it is a very “weak” kopi-o. Oh… and wait till they ask for condensed milk!

6. Once You Go Fresh, You Never Go Back

meme - drake yes to coffee roasted yesterday

You used to enjoy those canned imported coffee. You thought they were pretty good. That’s until you tried a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans from your neighborhood roaster. You have never looked back since.

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7. You Know How Coffee Cherries Look Like

Ripe coffee cherries

Coffee brewers know that coffee “beans” are actually the seed buyxanax of the coffee cherries. Heck, chances are you have even researched and prepared an extensive thesis on each stage of the coffee production.

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8. You Know That There is More Than One Type of Coffee

meme- when you friends keep telling you all coffee tastes the same

You have discovered the fact that each batch of coffee is ultimately different in some ways. The coffee origins, processing method, roast level and other coffee characteristics influence the final taste of your brew. Try telling that to your 3-in-1 coffee drinking friend.

9. Choosing Coffee Beans is Now More Complicated (in a good way)

gif - excited anna

It used to be a simple decision of choosing brands when buying coffee. Now, coffee brewers are spoiled for choice as there are now coffee from different origins, roast levels, processing methods and varietals. The only thing holding us back from trying all these delicious coffees is our daily caffeine limit and our budget!

10. You Have Your Own “Secret” Source for Coffee Beans

meme- i need 200 grams of your best java

It is not difficult to find roasted coffee beans in Malaysia. However, freshly roasted specialty coffee beans are harder to find. Like most coffee brewers, you have your own “secret” source to buy the freshest and the best coffee beans in Malaysia. Chances are your best friend is a coffee roaster.

11. Coffee Brewers Can Remember the Price of Coffee Beans per Gram

meme- i remember the price of your coffee beans by the gram

You have got a list of coffee prices in your head.. per grams. If the roasters (dare to) change the price of your favorite coffee, your internal alarm will go off.

12. Coffee Tasting Skill is a Superhuman Ability to You

gif- amazed

Reading a coffee described as “delicately rich, vibrantly sweet-savory with hints of chocolate fudge and candied lime zest” is not foreign to you. You may or may not have those skills yourself, but you definitely admire coffee professionals who can pick up subtle tasting notes from their coffee.

13. Coffee Brewing is a combination of art and science

gif- bottomless portafilter

You know that brewing a good cup of coffee takes more than just mixing coffee grounds with hot water. It requires a good understanding of the chemistry behind a brew as well as a touch of art to give your brew its character. If any of your friends don’t believe you, ask them to try pulling a shot of espresso with a bottomless portafilter and quickly hide behind an umbrella!

Having coffee brewers like you and me as friends can be overbearing at times. But we are essentially just a bunch of simple coffee lovers at heart. Plus, having us as friends means there will never be a lack of good coffee to go around!

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