When we were designing our Mystery Box, we had a choice between ready-made stock packaging or to custom design our coffee bag. We chose the latter. Read on to find out why we made this decision and why coffee packaging is not as simple as it seems.

Stock vs Custom Packaging

There are generally two options available for packaging coffee beans: stock and custom packaging.

Stock Packaging

Stock Packaging

Stock packaging is mass-produced, inexpensive and comes in www.medicineballs.org standardized sizes and styles. Custom packaging, on the other hand, is more expensive as it is tailor-made to fit a product.

Why Coffee Packaging Is Not As Easy As It Seems

As we have mentioned in our previous blog, 7 Insider Tips on How To Buy the Best Coffee Beans, freshness of a coffee is the one most vital criterion in determining the quality and taste of your brew.

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Roasted coffee beans are vulnerable to oxygen, UV light, and other contaminants in the environment.

So, what is so difficult about choosing coffee packaging? Let’s just pack the coffee tightly as soon as it is roasted. That would keep all the freshness in, right?

Not quite.

Roasted coffee beans release carbon dioxide as a byproduct of the roasting process. This degassing stage can last up to 12 days and complicate the packaging process.

Let’s imagine a tightly sealed bag with coffee beans that are producing gas by the minute.

Coffee Fireworks

Theoretically, your coffee bag may turn into a wonderful coffee explosion.

Okay, we agree that’s a bit too dramatic. We’ve never seen a coffee bag exploding, yet.

However, there is a more practical reason why you shouldn’t tightly pack your freshly roasted coffee beans.

Coffee packaging can affect the degassing of CO2 resulting in excessive 'bloom'

Coffee ‘bloom’ is a result of rapid degassing of CO2. Too much can lead to uneven extraction.

Carbon dioxide that is not properly degassed will be released rapidly during the brewing process and may negatively affect the flavor of your coffee.

In short, a good packaging design is essential for maintaining the quality of your coffee beans.

Designing the Pouch

As Brewers, we know that the devil is in the details. So, we sat down and brainstormed all our requirements for a good coffee packaging to ensure that the beans you receive will be in optimum condition for brewing.

The Design of BrewersClub Coffee Packaging

This is the design we came up with.

  • Capacity

    We need a packaging that has a flexible capacity to fit 50 to 120 grams of coffee beans.

  • Food Grade Material

    Our packaging material must be toxin-free and safe for packaging food.

  • UV-proof

    The packaging material must be reflective and able to phentermine40mg reject ultraviolet (UV) light that can accelerate the deterioration of the beans.

  • Air-tight

    The packaging must be air-tight to prevent oxygen and other environment contaminants from entering.

  • One-way valve

    A one-way valve is vital to allow carbon dioxide to escape the packaging.

  • Resealable zip

    A resealable zip will allow you to re-seal the bag and keep it fresh between brews.

  • Aesthetics

    As our coffees would be anonymously labelled, we want a design that is appealing on its own.

Sourcing for a Manufacturer

As you may have guessed, no stock packaging supplier would entertain our requirements. So we searched for a custom packaging manufacturer.

However, what was unexpected was that most manufacturers refused to produce our design due to the complexities and cost required.

Those who did quoted an exorbitant price while some even tried to persuade us to change our design.

However, we persisted and finally found a trustworthy manufacturer overseas. And we’re so glad we did.

The Result

Overall, we are happy with the way our coffee packaging turned out.

It costs way more than stock packaging would but it is definitely worth the extra amount and effort to have a unique bag designed specifically for our Mystery Coffees.

Please look forward to receiving your coffees packed in these special bags.

BrewersClub Coffee Packaging

We hope that you will like them, too!

Subscribe, Brew, and Discover an exciting variety of Mystery Coffees together with like-minded Brewers, all from the comfort of your own home!

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