Tasting Challenge is an important part of your Mystery Coffee experience. Find out what it is, how to answer the Challenge and win yourself some cool prizes!

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Filter Box Nov 2018 Tasting Challenge

When you receive your Mystery Box, you will find a Tasting Challenge like this one above among your coffees.

What is a Tasting Challenge?

A Tasting Challenge is a card containing sildenafil-citrate tasting clues hinting to the identity of your Mystery Coffees.

Each Challenge highlights an aspect of coffee tasting and is specially designed to help you discover your own amazing sense of taste.

How to answer the Challenge?

Brew, taste, and compare your coffees to answer the Tasting Challenge

It’s easy. All you need to do is to brew, taste, and compare your coffees.

Once you have ‘tasted’ the coffee and have an answer in mind, you can login and join the latest Tasting Challenge to submit your answer.

When will the answer be revealed?

The identity of your Mystery Coffees will be revealed 7 days after each Shipping Day.

This is to allow ample time for all Brewers to attempt the Challenge.

How should you brew your Mystery Coffees?

While you are free to brew with any methods that you prefer, we highly recommend that you compare your coffees with our DIY Cupping Recipe first whenever you receive a new Box.

This simplified version of the SCA Cupping Protocol is http://phentermine-forums.com/ formulated to standardize the brewing recipe so that you can concentrate on the taste of the coffee.

DIY Coffee Cupping Equipment

This is all you need to start cupping with our DIY Recipe.

How to Win The Tasting Challenge

..and stand a chance to score a special gift in your next Box!

  • Step 1: Subscribe to The Wild Card and taste the Mystery Coffees.
  • Step 2: Join the latest Tasting Challenge.
  • Step 3: Submit the correct answer in the Discussion section.
  • Step 4: Like and Share the Facebook post in the Tasting Challenge.
  • Step 5: Be one of the 3 lucky winners* announced at the end of the Challenge!

*Winners are randomly selected from Brewers who fulfill all the criteria. Terms apply.

The Answers will be revealed on:

20 AUG 2019

The answers have been revealed! Did you taste them right?

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