Ethiopia Hambela Buku Mulu

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This coffee from the Hambela Estate is a rather rare single-lot coffee from Ethiopia.

Unlike most Ethiopian coffees that are processed collectively and auctioned through the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX), this coffee counts itself among the minority 10 percent of coffees that are eligible to be purchased directly and therefore traceable to its exact origin.

The Hambela Estate is a 200 hectares farm located in the fertile Oromia regional State, in Guji zone. This particular lot of coffee is grown on a specific plot called Mulu and collected from the Buku cherry collection site.

Interestingly, the estate was actually part of a gift of land in 1934 to Muluemebet Emiru, the first African female pilot. It is her grandchildren that now manage the estate under the METAD Agricultural Development company, currently led by Aman Adinew.

This natural processed Ethiopia Hambela crafted by Arkib Kopi is light roasted to bring out its ripe fruit notes of blackberry and pineapple with accenting hints of vanilla.

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