Indonesia Toraja Minanga


This coffee is sourced from the many family owned farms through the Toraja Coffee Growers Cooperative based in the highlands of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The name Toraja Minanga comes from the indigenous Toraja people which resides in these highlands while Minanga refers to the market town where the coffee grown in this region historically ends up.

Offering some of the highest growing elevations in Indonesia, coffee from this region are grown in altitudes of up to 2000 meters. Most coffee grown is this region is organic by default without the use of pesticide.

This coffee is an excellent example of how a properly processed wet-hulled coffee can taste like. It has a surprisingly clean profile without the notorious mustiness.

This particular batch crafted by Arkib Kopi has a full and smooth body with notes of cedar wood, pineapple and dark chocolate.


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