Panama La Lerida Caturra


Finca Lerida is a coffee estate located near the volcanic Volcán Barú in Boquete, Panama with a remarkable history going back to 1924.

The estate is founded by Toleff Bache Mönniche, a Norwegian engineer trained in Germany and was involved with the design and construction of the Panama Canal.

After his retirement in 1917, he decided to settle in Boquete with his wife Julia and started a growing coffee.

Even with the disadvantage of the lack of roads and little water, Tollef developed a flourishing and beautiful coffee estate and put Boquete on the map. In 1929, the estate became the first in Panama to export to Germany.

He built most of the machinery to process the coffee and several of his inventions like the “sifon”, a device made to separate good beans from the bad. are usually still used in Boquete.

In 1956, due to advancing age, the Monniches relocated to Austin, Texas and sold Finca Lerida to the Collins family who still manages the estate to this day.

This batch of Caturra from Finca Lerida crafted by Arkib Kopi is perfect for brewers looking for a coffee with complex profile. The fully washed process gives the coffee clear notes of plum and apricot with smooth buttery mouthfeel.

Best brewed as drip coffee and served black.


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