Costa Rica Finca Al Chirripo


This single lot coffee is produced by Café Rivense del Chirripó, a micromill owned by the Ureña Rojas family. Located in the Brunca region, Costa Rica, this micromill is founded by Régulo Ureña and his wife Isabel more than a decade ago to process the coffee grown in his own farm.

A third generation coffee farmer, Régulo made the decision to invest in a micromill in order to improve the processing and guaranteeing the quality of his coffee.

This particular lot of coffee is uniquely processed using their “passion honey” method. Instead of the average 14 days of fermentation, their variation of the honey process is prolonged to 30 days.

The prolonged fermentation process concentrates the natural sugars, flavors and aromas into the bean resulting in a cup of coffee with fruity notes, smooth mouthfeel and lasting aftertaste.

Roaster’s Brewing Tips
  • Best brewed with – Any filter methods
  • Grind size – Medium-Fine to Medium
  • Brew ratio (coffee : water) – 1 : 15.5
  • Temperature – 93℃


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