Indonesia Trinity Gayo Highland


This coffee is sourced from the Gayo Highland in Aceh within the Sumatra island of Indonesia.

With fertile volcanic soil and elevations ranging from 1000 meters to over 3000 meters, Gayo has the unique microclimate that is suitable for cultivation of coffee.

As with majority of Sumatran coffee, this coffee is processed using the Giling Basah or wet hulled method.

This particular batch crafted by Ghostbird Coffee has full body with notes of blackcurrant, dark chocolate and the classic Sumatran spicy characteristics, consisting the likes of ginger, clove, and lemongrass.

Roaster’s Brewing Tips
  • Best brewed with – Filter
  • Grind size – Medium-Fine
  • Brew ratio (coffee : water) – 1 : 16
  • Temperature – 90℃


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