Malaysia Sabah Ranau Honey


This single origin coffee is from Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia. Once a famous coffee growing region in the early 1900s, Sabah is making a dramatic comeback as a coffee producer over the recent years.

The driving force behind this resurgence is Sabarica, a company founded by Jackz Lee. Armed with the latest advancement in coffee cultivation and processing, Sabarica collaborates with local coffee farmers in Sabah to improve the quality of their produce.

The unique fermentation in honey processing imbues an added dimension to the taste profile of this coffee. This particular batch crafted by Ghostbird Coffee is suitable for either espresso and filter coffee. You can find hints of tangerine and apricot with caramel sweetness.

Roaster’s Brewing Tips
  • Best brewed with – Espresso
  • Grind size – Fine
  • Brew ratio (coffee : water) – 1 : 2
  • Temperature – 90℃


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