Ethiopia Limu Flamingo G1


This heirloom coffee from Limu originates from the Jimma zone in the western highlands of Oromia, Ethiopia. Traditionally, coffees marketed under Limu are all washed coffees. The unwashed coffees produced from this region is normally offered under the Jimma name.

As with the majority of coffee from Ethiopia, this lot of Limu coffee are collected from hundred of farmers, collectively processed, repackaged and auctioned through the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX), making it virtually impossible to trace back to the exact grower, cooperative or region.

While less romantic than other origins, this system has, in some ways, been very positive for the farmers, who are paid directly for the quality of their coffee in a transparent pricing system.

This particular batch crafted by Mimosa Coffee has a characteristic Ethiopian floral aroma with tea-like body and a light caramel sweetness. 


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