Costa Rica Montanas del Diamante

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Montanas del Diamante is a coffee estate in the Dota Valley, located in the coffee growing region of Tarrazú, Costa Rica. Owned by the Gutierrez family, this estate takes pride in producing excellent coffee with environmentally-friendly methods.

The farm produces single lots, each one subjected to strict quality control and processed at their own micro-mill, where both wet and dry processing are handled. This lot from Montanes del Diamante is of the Red Catuai variety, fully washed and patio dried.

This particular batch crafted by SLO Atelier has a little more roast development, pushing into the medium-dark territory. This roast profile highlights the overall balance and distinctive caramel sweetness of the coffee while maintaining the refreshing tangerine notes, resulting in a coffee that pairs well with milk.

1 review for Costa Rica Montanas del Diamante

  1. Chris Ling

    Enjoyed this as an espresso. Excellent with milk as well!

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