After all, it is still a matter of taste when it comes to enjoying coffee.​

T.J. Mah, Co-founder and Roastmaster

The Roastmaster

M.Co is the brainchild of T.J. Mah, a chemist by training and KS, a veteran in the F&B industry. This unique collaboration put together both their expertise to craft delicious coffee using the precision of science.

M.Co’s Roastmaster – T. J. Mah

With a deep passion for coffee, T. J. quit his high paying job in a multi-national company to venture into the coffee world almost a decade ago. Since then, he has racked up an impressive career in the coffee industry.

As a certified Q-grader and SCA instructor, he is also an active educator in the regional coffee scene.

The Machines

M.Co is armed with a 2.4kg Coffee-Tech Engineering FZ94 Pro-Lab.

Coffee-Tech FZ94 Lab-Pro Coffee Roaster

Coffee-Tech Engineering FZ94 Pro-Lab 2.4kg Roaster

The FZ94 Pro-Lab is a versatile roaster with a roasting capacity of 100g to 2.4 kg. This electric-powered roaster offers ample control over the roast process with advanced drum speed control and digital temperature monitoring.

Linked to the Artisan coffee roasting software, M.Co utilizes the FZ94 to achieve consistent taste profile with their flagship blends and single origin coffees.

The Coffee

As part of the “Third Wave Coffee” movement in Malaysia, M.Co emphasizes origin and quality, but goes one step further by diversifying their roasting techniques. This gives their coffees a variety of flavor from exciting light roasts to the bold medium-dark roasts.

Serving coffee with latte art

M.Co’s espresso blends are a perfect fit for latte lovers

“We aim to bring out the origin flavors in our coffee while adapting it to the taste preference of Malaysians at large.” says T.J. Mah, when asked about the principle behind their roast.

“As much as we enjoy unique tasting coffee, we believe the key is to strike a balance between body, sweetness and acidity.”

“After all, it is still a matter of taste when it comes to enjoying coffee”.

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Coffees by MCo Roastery