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The Roastmaster

An Aeropress, a Hario hand grinder, and a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans.

These were the three things that started Reframe’s Roastmaster, Yew Meng, off on his journey into the world of coffee.

Beginning as a true blue home brewer, Yew Meng’s obsession for good coffee has led him down the path of coffee roasting.

Image of Reframe's Roastmaster - Yew Meng

Reframe’s Roastmaster, Yew Meng.

Having been exposed to good coffee while working in a multi-national company, Yew Meng started brewing his own coffee since year 2011.

An engineer by profession, he is naturally attracted to the technicalities involved in coffee brewing.

However, his early attempt at home brewing was hampered by the lack of specialty grade, traceable coffee beans in Malaysia.

Frustrated with the local coffee scene, he began teaching himself to roast his own coffee beans and sharing them with friends and family.

As he continued to sharpen his roasting skills, orders began to come in for his batch-roasted coffee. Encouraged by the warm responses, Yew Meng eventually founded Reframe Coffee Roaster and Cafe in year 2016.

The Machine

Reframe is armed with a 500g Mill City Roaster machine.

Reframe's Mill City 500g Roaster

Mill City 500g Roaster.

The Mill City 500g Roaster is a small but efficient and versatile gas-powered coffee roaster. Its 500g capacity means it is ideal for micro-roasting small batches of coffee on demand.

Making full use of his knowledge as an engineer, Yew Meng also modified Reframe’s Mill City Roaster himself and linking it to the Artisan coffee roasting software.

This allows him to record minute changes during the roasting process to ensure a consistent and reproducible roast.

The Coffee

Reframe’s roasting philosophy emphasizes on highlighting the origin flavors while achieving a balanced cup profile.

Reframe offers a variety of coffees perfect for manual brew.

“We prioritize sourcing good coffee beans with excellent flavors rather than using roasting techniques to add or remove flavors.” says Yew Meng, when asked about the principle behind Reframe’s roast.

“By bringing out the best flavors an origin has to offer and sharing it with our customers, we aim to reframe the misconception that all coffee tastes the same.”

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